TV Shows with 8 Letters

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Name these TV shows with 8 letters.
Articles (a, an, the) are not counted. Some shows are 2 words.

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Jason Alexander
NBC (1989-1998)
John Goodman
ABC (1988-1997)
James Amess
CBS (1955-1975)
Dennis Franz
ABC (1993-2005)
Dylan McDermott
ABC (1997-2004)
Craig T. Nelson
CBS (2000-2004)
Kathryn Morris
CBS (2003-2010)
Martin Sheen
NBC (1999-2006)
James Caan
NBC (2003-2008)
Ally Walker
NBC (1996-2000)
Michael J. Fox
ABC (1996-2002)
Keri Russell
WB (1998-2002)
Denis Leary
FX (2004-2011)
William Shatner
Various (1966-2005)
Gavin MacLeod
ABC (1977-1986)
Jerry Orbach
NBC (1990-2010)
Dan Castellaneta
FOX (1989-present)
Jeff Probst
CBS (2000-present)