Reality TV shows - Exit the game lines

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Enter each reality television show within the time allotted. Good luck!

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You're fired!
Please pack your knives and go.
Your time's up.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, [contestant], you're dead to us.
You must leave the chateau.
I'm sorry. You've been eliminated from the race.
Your tour ends here.
You've been evicted from the [show title] house.
The tribe has spoken.
You are the [show name]. Goodbye.
Auf Wiedersehen.
You might play for somebody, but it won't be the Cowboys.
Give me your jacket and leave [show title].
You're below the yellow line and up for elimination.
Ding Dong, the door's for you.
Ladies, there is only one rose remaining.
The contestant with the fewest votes is
My name is [contestant] and I am NOT smarter than a