Real Celebrity Names 2

Category: Entertainment

Name the stage name of these celebrities given their birth name.
Note: For birth names with the same surname, you must also guess the first name.

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Real Celebrity Names
Robert Zimmerman (Rock Musician)
Allen Konigsberg (Director)
John Bongiovi (Musician)
Jo Tejada (Actress)
Patricia Andrzejewski (Musician)
Alicia Cook (R&B Musician)
Julia Elizabeth Wells (Actress)
River Bottom (Deceased Actor)
Lawrence Harvey Zeiger (Talk Show Host)
Jose Antonio Dominquez Bandera (Actor)
Audrey Faith Perry (Country Musician)
Anthony Dominick Benedetto (Musician)
Margaret Hyra (Comedic Actress)
Caryn Elaine Johnson (Actress)
Alicia Christian Foster (Actress)