Quiz: Name these Famous People Named Chris

Category: Pop Culture, Word Games

Give the last name of these famous Chris and Christophers.

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Chippendale's wannabe and Lunch Lady
Fox News host and son of famous journalist
The new Captain Kirk
Often-feuding rapper
Superman actor
Detective Stabler and one-time True Blood actor
"Discovered" the Americas
He really needs more cow bell
MSNBC pundit
Former SNL comedian and Oscar host
Boisterous Mid-Atlantic Governor
Rush Hour actor
Long time Blackhawks and Red Wings defenseman
Announcer; "Back, back, back, back…gone"
The Prestige, Inception, and, oh yeah, Batman
American Idol contestant turned rock band frontman
Pro Wrestler whose real last name is Irvine
Vikings WR finally in the Hall of Fame
Coldplay frontman
Captain America actor