Quiz: Name these Famous Georges

Category: Pop Culture, Word Games

Give the last name of these famous Georges.
For the "American Revolution rival," give the title.

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Georges Part I
Up in the Air actor
Crossed the Delaware in 1775
The Quiet Beatle
Former infamous MLB owner
Former MLB owner and US president
Co-hosted show with Gracie Allen
Author of 1984 and Animal Farm
1970 Oscar winner for Best Actor
Alternative crop farmer (peanuts, soybeans)
Boxer who rivaled Ali
Star Wars creator
Former TBS talk show host
Georges Part II
American Revolution rival
World War II US general
Conservative columnist
7 words you can't say on TV
Less famous James Bond actor
Star Trek actor
Iconic horror movie director
Futuristic cartoon dad
Seinfeld character
Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life
Dennis the Menace neighbor
Sherman Hemsley iconic TV character