Golden Globes Winners in 2013

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Name the winners of these categories at the 2012 (broadcast in January 2013) Golden Globe Awards.

For acting categories, the character played is given. For film, director, and screenplay categories, an actor in the film is given.

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Best Picture, Drama (Alan Arkin)
Best Picture, Comedy/Musical (Russell Crowe)
Best Actor, Drama (Abraham Lincoln)
Best Actress, Drama (Maya)
Best Director (John Goodman)
Best Actor, Comedy/Musical (Jean Valjean)
Best Actress, Comedy/Musical (Tiffany Maxwell)
Best Supporting Actor (Dr. King Schultz)
Best Supporting Actress (Fantine)
Best Animated Picture (Kelly Macdonald)
Best Screenplay (Jamie Foxx)
Best Series, Drama (Mandy Patinkin)
Best Series, Comedy/Musical (Allison Williams)
Best Actor, Drama (Nicholas Brody)
Best Actress, Drama (Carrie Mathison)
Best Actor, Comedy/Musical (Marty Kaan)
Best Actress, Comedy/Musical (Hannah Horvath)
Best Supporting Actor (John McCain, TV movie)
Best Supporting Actress (Violet Crawley)