2012 Emmy Nominees for Best Supporting Actors and Actresses

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Name the actors and actresses to be nominated for an Emmy for their roles in a supporting role for the 2012 awards.

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Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
CBS (Amy Farrah Fowler)
ABC (Karen McCluskey)
ABC (Claire Dunphy)
ABC (Gloria Delgado-Pritchett)
Showtime (Zoey Barkow)
NBC (Various)
Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
ABC (Jay Pritchett)
ABC (Mitchell Pritchett)
ABC (Phil Dunphy)
ABC (Cameron Tucker)
FOX (Schmidt)
NBC (Various)
Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
AMC (Skyler White)
PBS (Violet Crawley)
PBS (Anna Smith)
CBS (Kalinda Sharma)
CBS (Diane Lockhart)
AMC (Joan Harris)
Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
AMC (Jesse Pinkman)
AMC (Gustavo Fring)
PBS (John Bates)
PBS (Mr. Carson)
HBO (Tyrion Lass)
AMC (Lane Pryce)