Top Games in Political

Oldest and Youngest Presidents

You can't be 55 and make this list.
Category: Political, History

First and Current US Political Leaders

The Cabinet is quite a bit bigger now than it was back in 1789.
Category: Political, History

Assassinations by Assassin

For all you conspiracy believers, pretend like you believe the story for the next 5 minutes.
Category: Political, History

Presidents Under 50

Young, by politician standards at least.
Category: Political

One Term Presidents

Living in the White House is overrated anyway...
Category: Political

Athletes Turned Politicians

While not included, Sarah Palin was a college basketball player and former sports reporter.
Category: Political, Sports

Oldest American Presidents

If Biden runs and wins in 2016, he would head this list by 5 years,
Category: Political

Major Political Parties Across the World

Take a break from American politics and go international.
Category: Political, Geography

Presidents with the Shortest and Longest Last Names

The shorter names saved the country money on ink.
Category: Political, History

Time Magazine Covers: 2007-2008

To be expected, quite a few politicians here.
Category: Pop Culture, Political, Entertainment

US Cabinet Secretaries as of September 2012

Quite more accomplished than your average secretary.
Category: Political

Current and Former Big City Mayors by Picture

2 of these have gotten a lot of national attention for good reasons, the other not so much.
Category: Political, History

First Ladies since Kennedy

The president's better half.
Category: Political, History

Democratic and Republican National Convention Keynote Speakers

Highly publicity, but not all have been been successful in their future political careers.
Category: Political, History

2003 in Politics

Barack Obama wasn't even a US senator yet.
Category: Political, History

Presidential Defeats

The names given would must rather be the answers here.
Category: Political, History

Republican and Democratic Presidential Candidates from 2000 to 2012

I hope you're not sick of the political ads already.
Category: Political, History

Children of Politicians

Some of these are politicians in their own right.
Category: Political

2012 Senate Elections

The Republicans need to flip 4 seats in order to take outright control of the chamber.
Category: Political

Famous People Born in Iowa

If you play it, knowledge will come.
Category: Pop Culture, Political, History, Geography, Sports

Democratic Presidential Candidates in 2000, 2004, and 2008

That inmate who ran in West Virginia this year is not included.
Category: Political, History

Republican Presidential Candidates in 2000, 2008, and 2012

These were some Grand Old Primaries.
Category: Political, History

Presidential Elections by Year

Every four years before 2008. Get to it.
Category: Political, History

Vice Presidential Nominees Unscramble

Yes, the newest presumed nominee is on the list.
Category: Political, History, Word Games

New York and Chicago Mayors

The few cities where the mayor may be the most powerful man in the state.
Category: Political, History

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