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Presidential Colleges

Good luck with some of the early presidents.
Category: Education, Political

Presidents with One or Two Vowels in Last Name

Run-of-the-mill presidential last names.
Category: Political, History, Word Games

Three Vowel US Presidents

Four presidents had 4 or more.
Category: Political, Word Games

Longest Serving US Senators as of April 2013

A few of these have announced that this will be their last term in office.
Category: Political

One Vowel US Presidents

The highest number of vowels in any US president's last name is 5.
Category: Political, History, Word Games

Presidents and Vice Presidents with "J" First Names

J is a popular letter among presidential and vice presidential first names.
Category: Political, History, Word Games

Multiple Party States in the US Senate as of April 2013

Political party, that is.
Category: Political

Most Votes without Winning the Presidency

Both the close losers and the perennial candidates.
Category: Political, History

States that Voted for Same Party since 1988

All but one of the Democratic states would be off the list if we went back to 1984.
Category: Political, History

States with 3 Electoral Votes

Despite having only 3 votes, many of them actually have a disproportionately high influence on the presidential election.
Category: Political, Geography

States with the Most Electoral Votes Through Time

Lots of electoral votes but not necessarily competitive.
Category: Political, History

20th Century Vice Presidents

The past few vice presidents have had much more influence than most.
Category: Political, History

Presidents Named James, John, and William

Georges would just be too easy.
Category: Political, History

Southern Presidents

Southern drawl and all.
Category: Political, History

Whig Presidents

Whig, not wig.
Category: Political, History

Incomplete Presidential Terms

A presidency cut short.
Category: Political, History

Longest Serving Current US Senators as of December 20, 2012

If the world ends tomorrow, this will be the final list in history.
Category: Political

States Won by Obama in 2012

Four more years for the president.
Category: Political

Presidential Middle Names

Warren Harding's middle name was Gamaliel.
Category: Political, History

Political Philosophy Authors

From libertarianism to communism.
Category: Literature, Political

Democratic Presidents

First challenged by the Whigs, now rivaled by the Republicans.
Category: Political, History

States Won by Mitt Romney in 2012

Very similar to the states won by John McCain four years earlier.
Category: Political

Presidents with More Than One Vice President

Not at the same time, of course.
Category: Political, History

Republican Presidents

John C. Fremont was the party's first presidential candidate in 1856, losing to James Buchanan.
Category: Political, History

Presidential Victories with the Least Popular Vote

The effect of 3rd party candidates is seen here.
Category: Political, History

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