Top Games in Miscellaneous

Most Popular Thanksgiving Pies

Category: Miscellaneous

Restaurant Unscramble
Category: Miscellaneous, Word Games

Most Common Street Names in the United States

You will probably see many of these streets on your next vacation.
Category: Miscellaneous, Geography

Casual Dining Restaurants with the Most Locations

If you live in the suburbs, you will probably do very well on this quiz.
Category: Business, Miscellaneous

Pizza Chains with the Most Locations

Iowa is the first caucus each election, explaining why presidential candidates love ethanol.
Category: Business, Miscellaneous

News Anchors by Photo

Will McAvoy did not make the list.
Category: Political, Miscellaneous

Most Expensive Wedding Flowers

It's wedding season.
Category: Miscellaneous

The Faces of American Currency Past and Present

Yes, there was a $100,000 bill for a very brief amount of time.
Category: Political, Miscellaneous, History

Spanish Numbers 1-20

Puede contar hasta veinte en espanol?
Category: Miscellaneous

Cities Where the Most People Take Public Transportation to Work

What's the weirdest thing you've seen on public transportation?
Category: Miscellaneous, Geography

Spanish Days of the Week

Can you name the days of the week in Spanish?
Category: Miscellaneous

Faces of US Dollars and Coins in Circulation

Can you name the people on the dollars and coins currently in circulation in the United States?
Category: Miscellaneous, History

Time Magazine Covers Part I

A stalwart of news magazines.
Category: Pop Culture, Political, Miscellaneous

French Numbers 1-20

Can you name the French words for these numbers?
Category: Miscellaneous

French Days of the Week

Quebec and French quiz takers can take this as a quick typing warm-up.
Category: Miscellaneous

Poker Hands in Order of Strength

Shuffle up and deal!
Category: Miscellaneous, Entertainment

Spanish Numbers

Can you name these numbers in Spanish?
Category: Miscellaneous, Word Games

Months of the Year in French

Can you name the months of the year in French?
Category: Miscellaneous, Word Games

Colors of the Rainbow in Order

This may be one of the few things you remember from your science classes.
Category: Miscellaneous, Science

Most Diagnosed Mental Disorders in the United States

The pharmaceutical companies love this quiz.
Category: Miscellaneous

Most Circulated Newspapers in the United States

These newspapers are surviving the death of the printed word.
Category: Miscellaneous

Fruits in Spanish

Can you name the English word for these Spanish fruits?
Category: Miscellaneous, Word Games

Spanish and French Days of the Week

In honor of the Spain/France Euro 2012 quarterfinal.
Category: Miscellaneous, Word Games

French Numbers

Can you name the words for these numbers in French?
Category: Miscellaneous, Word Games

Most Popular Cheeses on Items at Restaurants

Don't take this quiz on an empty stomach.
Category: Miscellaneous

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