Republican Presidential Candidates in 2000, 2008, and 2012

These were some Grand Old Primaries.
Category: Political, History

Most Populous US States in 1950

It was the Golden Age.
Category: History, Geography

Presidential Elections by Year

Every four years before 2008. Get to it.
Category: Political, History

Vice Presidential Nominees Unscramble

Yes, the newest presumed nominee is on the list.
Category: Political, History, Word Games

Most Populous States in 1900

There was still plenty of open land in the West.
Category: History, Geography

New York and Chicago Mayors

The few cities where the mayor may be the most powerful man in the state.
Category: Political, History

US Presidents by Year

No, you don't get an easy one for Obama.
Category: Political, History

Senate Majority Leaders Since Jimmy Carter

What will be allowed to go to the Senate floor for a vote? Ask these guys.
Category: Political, History

VPs by President

Vice president: lots of publicity, little power.
Category: Political, History

Presidential Home States in Order

Kenya is not an accepted answer for Barack Obama.
Category: Political, History, Geography

Quiz: Who would have been president during these events?

The Cuban Missile Crisis one will really make you think...
Category: Political, History

New York City Last 10 Mayors

There will be a new mayor in 2014...unless the current mayor amends the rules to let him run again.
Category: Political, History

Famous People Born in Maine

Paul Bunyan did not make the list.
Category: Pop Culture, Political, History, Geography

Quiz: Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire Primaries from 1980 to 2012

If you live in either of these states, you are an automatic expert on political primary campaign advertisement.
Category: Political, History

Prime Ministers under Queen Elizabeth II

Get your dose of British history for the London Olympics.
Category: History

Losing Presidential Tickets from 1948 to 2008

Can you name the losing president and vice presidential candidates in the United States since the end of World War II?
Category: Political, History

Last 10 Mayors of Chicago

The city that perfected machine politics.
Category: History

British Monarchs

This one's for a friends across the pond.
Category: History

New Hampshire Republican and Democratic Primaries from 1980 to 2012

Live Free or Die.
Category: Political, History

All Presidential Tickets from 1948 to 2008

There was the first Jewish VP nominee, the first female VP nominee, and the first Catholic and African American presidents.
Category: Political, History

German History by Year

From Bismarck to Merkel.
Category: History

Iowa Caucuses from 1980 to 2012

Iowa is the first caucus each election, explaining why presidential candidates love ethanol.
Category: Political, History

NATO Countries

The Cold War has ended, but NATO remains...
Category: History, Geography

Twenty Most Populous Cities in 1860

The nation was on the verge of collapse.
Category: History, Geography

Speakers of the US House from 1955 to 2012

2nd in succession, behind the Vice President.
Category: Political, History

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