Top Games in Geography

Countries with "Land"

The Oceania ones might give you some problems.
Category: Word Games, Geography

Non-English Speaking States

Whether it be Spanish, French, German, Italian, Creole, Portuguese, or anything else.
Category: Sociology, Geography

Countries that are 90 Percent Muslim

Percentage, not just most people.
Category: Religion, Geography

European Landlocked Countries

Don't forget those tiny countries.
Category: Geography

State Nicknames Part IV

There is, in fact, a Peace Garden State.
Category: Geography

State Nicknames 3

Something to put on the license plate.
Category: Geography

Most Populous US Cities Starting with a Vowel

Y not included.
Category: Word Games, Geography

Countries with the Most Billionaires

Number 1 shouldn't give you too much trouble.
Category: Geography

State Nicknames Part II

The Land of the Free.
Category: Geography

Quiz: Name the Countries by Border Nations

You can rule out those Pacific Islands.
Category: Geography

Smallest Metro Areas with a Sports Team

The smallest of these continue to defy the increasingly big market sports.
Category: Geography, Sports

State Nicknames Part I

The reason behind some of these aren't super obvious.
Category: Geography

Countries with the Most English Speakers

English-only speaking travelers take note.
Category: Geography

Makers of Popular Vehicles

Drive on.
Category: Business, Miscellaneous

African Capitals

Probably the most difficult continent for capitals.
Category: Geography

Southernmost Countries

The lands down under.
Category: Geography

World Capitals with the Highest Elevation

Making the Mile High City look least the tallest ones.
Category: Geography

Quiz: States With Multiple Time Zones

Your cell phone's time is going to change at all near these places.
Category: Geography

Countries by Capital City

Easier than the other way around.
Category: Geography

Central Time Zone States

Ignore the coasts.
Category: Geography

US Capitals with at Least 10 Letters

These capitals take up the most ink on the map.
Category: Word Games, Geography

Most Populous Non-Capitals

Big, but not big enough.
Category: Geography

Mountain Time Zone States

Nothin' but open sky.
Category: Geography

Quiz: States in the Eastern Time Zone

Nearly half of the country has some connection with the Eastern Time Zone.
Category: Geography

States in the Pacific Time Zone

Most of the territory exists within one state.
Category: Geography

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